Creative Future is a charity that supports marginalised and disabled artists and writers  – those who experience mental health problems, substance misuse issues, learning or physical disabilities, long-term unemployment or social exclusion of any kind. We run two biennial events to promote the work of disabled and marginalised  artists : The Impact Art Fair, the only art fair in the UK solely featuring the work of disabled and disadvantaged artists, and The Tight Modern, a miniature replica of the Tate Modern highlighting 50 disabled artists. We decided it was about time we had an event to showcase the wonderful work of marginalised and disabled writers, hence the Creative Future Literary Awards. Funding from the Arts Council made it a reality and we held our pilot Creative Future Literary Awards in autumn 2013 at the Small Wonder Festival, Charleston House.

We are currently fundraising to hold the competition again, with a high profile awards ceremony slated for Autumn 2015 and lots more writers development opportunities.

Watch this space!

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The 2013 awards were funded by:                                                                   Project partners


BHCCNew Writing SouthMyriad Editions



The award event was produced by Collected Works CIC

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  1. Heather Aird · · Reply

    Sorry after reading the rules, it states the winner has to be able to attend the award ceremony, again if they are imprisoned, they wouldn’t be able to?

    1. Good point Heather, we’ll alter the rules and make an exception for those who are in prison at the time of the award ceremony.

  2. Heather Aird · · Reply

    Thanks, what about the fee? Some prisoners only earn upto £13 a week, I would like to promote this in my workplace, however feel the fees would put them off.

    1. Hi Heather,
      Another fair point. We have an entry fee as we feel it is important for people to value their writing and paying a small fee shows that they are serious about their writing. We are also a very small charity and need the entry fees to cover the costs of the awards. However, on consideration, we are prepared in special circumstances to waive the entry fee for those who are not on benefits and have no income or who are prisoners as we wish to make this competition as accessible as possible. We will alter the rules again. Bear with us, this is a new event and we’re learning! However, if people feel they can make a contribution, however small, it would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Heather Aird · · Reply

    Thank you for your responses, I am keen to promote this competition in my prison library. I was wondering if there is any posters etc, so far I have had to just print off all the details and give to those who I know enjoy creative writing, but would like to promote it those who maybe haven’t thought about writing before

    1. Hi Heather

      We’ve not got a poster yet but we’re onto it. Please email your details to dominique@creativefuture.org.uk and as soon as we have one designed we will email/post you a copy – if you could let us know where you’re publicising it that would be great too. Many thanks.

      1. Hi Heather
        We have a poster now (basic but hey we’ve a limited budget and it says all it needs to). If you or anyone else wants a copy please email dominique@creativefuture.org.uk and we’ll send you one to put up. Thanks for promoting this competition!

  4. Most competitions that are accessible to prisoners wave the entrance fee as including it with the entry is a difficult if not impossible process even if they have that.

    1. Hi John, as statted in point 11 of the competition rules : in special circumstances we will waive the entry fee for those who are not on benefits and have no income or who are prisoners as we wish to make this competition as accessible as possible. Please state your circumstances if you wish to be considered for free entry. Hope that helps!

  5. Aliss · · Reply

    Hi, I am planning on entering but am not sure what the email address is to send it to? I have looked through the different page but want to be certain that I send it to the correct address. Also, can a payment be made through paypal? Thank you, Aliss

    1. Please send your entry to info@creativefuture.org.uk. We’re sorry but we are not accepting payment via Paypal at the moment. Please post a cheque for £5 per entry to our offices: Creative Future, Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton BN1 3XG – and put a note in with it so we know who it’s from and for which entry/ies it is for. Many thanks! We look forward to receiving your work.

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  7. peter street · · Reply

    hi I am a writer with disabilities – but i would like to ask – do all the judges have disabilities?

    1. Hi Peter

      A minimum of 40% of the judges have experience of marginalisation or a disability. It could be higher as we have yet to finalise the judging panel. We look forward to your submission and good luck!

  8. […] Mixed: The Creative Future Literary Awards showcasing the work of marginalised and disabled writers, theme The Spark in Flash Fiction (maximum 300 words) or Poetry (maximum 200 words), closing date 16th June. Entry fee: £5 per piece, £15 if critique required. […]

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