Award winners announced!

Judging is over! We were overwhelmed with entries and the judges were really impressed with the high standard of work. All entries went through a two stage selection process, seven judges careful appraisal and hours of intense debate before choosing the final 20 award winners. It was a diffcult and challenging choice but we’re really happy with the final selection. Award winners, in no particular order, are listed below. To find out what they’ve won and hear their work come to the Award Ceremony on the 27th September 2013  5-6pm , Charleston House, Lewes:

Name Title 
Alasdair Watt Just a Spark
Anne Oatley Boston
Cathy Bryant I want one
David Paton The Little-Bang
Deborah Beecher Finding the Source
Dolly Sen Lightbulbs
Dolly Sen Lithium Sun
Jarred McGinns What was the Spark?
Laura Thornley Amnesia
Lynne Blackwood Follow Your Judgement
Moray Sanders The Spark
Nicola Wood Immortal
Penny Pepper Uncle’s Gold Pen
Peter Jordan Contact
Sarah Walker My Father
Susan Kent Sparks Fly
Susan Kent Sparkling Personality
Tom Jayston Lifebird
Tracey Watkins Wasp
Wendy Bettis



One comment

  1. Alasdair Watt · · Reply

    Thanks very much for the interest in my work, Alasdair Watt.

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