Why I will be entering the Creative Future Literary Awards

Here’s what one of the writers we’ve worked with in the past say about why they will be entering…Inspiring stuff!

“Writing changed my life for the better. It is as simple as that. And with this in mind, it is a pleasure to see that Creative Future have launched a national literary competition for marginalised and disabled writers. I will definitely be entering, after all, it was winning a previous literary competition that gave me the understanding that I was so much more than a homeless, drug dependent criminal. I was these things too, but such labels did not exactly inspire change, they merely enforced the self fulfilling prophecy. ‘Writer’ is a label that inspires, and that can be aspired to. Throughout my journey of marginalisation, from prison, to the streets, to homeless hostels, to rehab, and finally to University where I am just finishing a degree in Psychology, writing has given me a sense of purpose, an opportunity to express myself and to explore the world around me. I would urge anyone who considers themselves marginalised, and who has access to pen and paper, to enter this competition and see where it takes them. Prizes on offer include cash, and writing development courses, as well as critical appraisal. I will be entering both the poetry and flash fiction elements, and should I be fortunate enough to win a prize, I would be most happy with the writing development course. The reason? Because writing is like life. You never reach the best that you can be, you simply keep trying to improve. ” Tom Jayston.


One comment

  1. Yennah Van Hannover · · Reply

    I found your reasons for entering the literature competition very interesting and inspiring.
    I think I may have left it a bit too late for this competition. However I am definitely interested in writing more myself despite being labelled as a marginalised writer and artist.
    Thankyou very much for the encouragement.

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