The UK’s first national competition for marginalised and disabled writers is launched!


Today we launch the competition for great writing by marginalised and disabled writers. We can’t wait to see your entry so get writing!  We want to show the world that having a disability or being marginalised and socially excluded doesn’t stop you from being a great writer (perhaps it even gives you greater insight or a wider range of experience to draw on). We want to challenge people’s preconceptions of what disabled and marginalised people are capable of, so send us your entries and let’s show the world how great you are.



  1. […] This is exactly my cup of tea. I thought it might interest some of my UK readers. […]

  2. michelle la guilla · · Reply

    where do we send entries?

    1. Address to send the entries to are on the entry form. ALL COMPETITION ENTRIES MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ENTRY FORM. This can be downloaded from or email/posted from our offices. Contact or ring 01273 234780. Please ensure you read the competition rules and the eligibility criteria before entering. We look forward to your entry!

  3. yennah van Hannover · · Reply

    Hiya. Sounds like a good challenge. When is the closing date for the competition?

    1. The competition deadline is midday, Sunday 16th June. See the ‘About’ page for further details. Good luck!

  4. […] Creative Future launches the U.K.’s first literary award for marginalized and disabled writers. […]

  5. I would like to know more about this. Should the writing be about disability or is the subject matter open?

    1. Hi Signs
      The writing should be inspired by the competition theme ‘the spark’. We’ve purposefully chosen flash fiction and poetry as we’re looking for creative writing rather than non fiction work. It’s up to you whether you want your story or poem to be about disability but we’re keen to show that disabled/marginalised writers can write well – on EVERY subject matter. We’re hoping to read entries that are well crafted and enjoyable. We want to show the world that marginalised and disabled writers can write well and are not restricted to just writing about marginalisation and disability. So, in answer to your question, the subject matter is open. Good luck with your entry.

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  7. Can the writing be of a comic strip? Or have a few illustrations accompanied the writing? is that acceptable?

    1. Sorry Rae, the competition is for flash fiction and poetry ONLY. If you want to add illustrations that is up to you but we shall be judging the quality of your writing not your artwork as this is a literary competition and not a graphic art competition. Hope that helps.

      1. I understand and thank you as long as I can still be able to enter 🙂

  8. I read your critiea but I couldn’t find it. Do you accept a hearing impaired? Myself is deaf and uses BSL.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Sahera

      Yes we do accept hearing impaired. We look forward to your entry. Good luck!

      1. Hi

        Thank you so much! I will. It’s a great to see the first UK for disabled.


  9. dorasnow · · Reply

    Reblogged this on Dandelion Wordwebs.

  10. Hi again

    I want make sure the theme is ‘the spark’ for both poetry and fiction flash.

    Is it any creative writing or any fiction story relate this theme right?

    Thank again.

    1. Yes, the theme is ‘the spark’ for both poetry & the flash fiction strands. Any short story under 300 words that relates to this theme is valid. Good luck….

  11. Hi
    My apology to ask you some few questions.

    Hope it’s okay with you.

    1. How I make a payment for entry fee? e.g. PayPal or payable to:

    2. Submission to the name and address or email address and subject.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Sahera, please pay £5 per entry by cheque (in pounds sterling payable to Creative Future Ltd) or by bank transfer. If you need to do the latter please contact for details. We prefer entries to be posted to us at Creative Future, Community Base, 113 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XG, UK as it saves our printer ink but if this is impractical we will accept email submissions, to be sent to Don’t forget to fill in your entry form (downloadable from or we can send you one if you email Good luck with your entry!

  12. Hi

    Many, many thank for your responses!

    But I need find some examples of ‘The Spark.’ I want make sure to correct relate this theme to enter for the competition.

    If you cannot provide the answers. I will find my way.

    Many thanks.

  13. […] Story: 300 wds. Poem: 200 wds. Theme: The Spark Fee: £5 or £15 with critique. Prizes: All 20 winners will be published in the award anthology alongside Lemn Sissay who is hosting the award event./2 Platinum award winners (1 writer, 1 poet): £200 cash prize, New Writing South mentoring place, New Writing South membership, literary critique of work & award certificate (prize worth £1760)/2 Gold award winners (1 writer, 1 poet): £150 cash prize, £100 voucher for New Writing South or Centre for Community Engagement course or event (only for those held at The Writers’ Place), New Writing South membership, literary critique of work & award certificate (prize worth £310)/2 Silver award winners (1 writer, 1 poet):/£100 cash prize, free place on a Creative Future course, New Writing South membership, literary critique of work & award certificate (prize worth £200)/2 Bronze award winners (1 writer, 1 poet): £50 cash prize, free place on Creative Future workshop, New Writing South membership, literary critique of work & award certificate (prize worth £170)/6 Highly commended (3 writers, 3 poets): Literary critique of work & certificate/6 Commended (3 writers, 3 poets): literary critique of work & certificate. Details: web […]

  14. Louise Hoffman · · Reply

    I am afraid you are not the first Award 4 years too late … E-C.H.O was set up in 2010.

    1. Hi Louise, thanks for letting us know. We’ve not heard of E-C.H.O – please tell us more about it. We’d be happy to promote it on our networks.

  15. Reblogged this on Leeds Wellbeing Web and commented:
    Here’s an interesting opportunity for budding ‘marginalised and disabled’ writers. I wasn’t too impressed that you have to pay a fiver to enter, since the entry form refers to ‘funders’ anyway, but the project does look pretty good. Closing date is midday Sunday 16th June. Terry

    1. Hi Terry, glad you like our project. We’re asking people to pay as though we are getting funding for the awards it doesn’t cover all the costs involved and we are a VERY small charity who can’t afford to fund the awards out of our own pocket. Besides we think that if people pay a small amount it shows a real commitment to their writing which is something we want to encourage. As stated in point 11 of the rules “in special circumstances we will waive the entry fee for those who are not on benefits and have no income or who are prisoners as we wish to make this competition as accessible as possible. Please state your circumstances if you wish to be considered for free entry.” We hope this helps. Good luck with your entry!

  16. Does the fact that you are marginalising non marginalised writers by not allowing them to enter mean that the non marginalised are thus marginalised enough to enter?

    1. Hi Colin, we love your alliteration but non marginalised writers have plenty of other competitions they can enter so in this case you can’t enter. Sorry!

  17. Hi

    I would like to know whether I post or email for submission. When you receive them, are you will inform me that you receive it?

    1. Hi Sahera

      You can post or email your submission. As the deadline is a Sunday if you post you need to make sure it gets here by Saturday. If you email it’s easier to ensure your work gets to us by the deadline. Please email to

      If you ask for confirmation of your email we will we confirm we have recieved it. Though if you send it on Sunday we will only be able to confirm it on Monday morning.

      Good luck with your entry!

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